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@type t() :: %Bonfire.Classify.Category{
  __meta__: term(),
  activity: term(),
  actor: term(),
  canonical_url: term(),
  character: term(),
  controlled: term(),
  created: term(),
  creator: term(),
  deleted_at: term(),
  disabled_at: term(),
  feed_publishes: term(),
  id: term(),
  is_disabled: term(),
  is_public: term(),
  name: term(),
  parent_category: term(),
  parent_category_id: term(),
  peered: term(),
  profile: term(),
  published_at: term(),
  same_as_category: term(),
  same_as_category_id: term(),
  summary: term(),
  tag: term(),
  tags: term(),
  username: term()

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create_changeset(creator, attrs, is_local? \\ true)

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update_changeset(category, attrs)

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