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Defines a link that will link to a Page or external URL, or redirect to a new LiveView. If you want to navigate to the same LiveView without remounting it, use <LivePatch> instead.



  • current_account :any, from_context: :current_account

  • current_user :any, from_context: :current_user

  • socket :any

  • to :string, required: true - The required path or URL to link to

  • replace :boolean, default: false - The flag to replace the current history or push a new state (if linking to a LiveView)

  • class :css_class, default: "" - The CSS class for the generated <a> element

  • label :string - The label for the generated <a> element, if no content (default slot) is provided.

  • opts :keyword, default: [] - Additional attributes to add onto the generated element



  • default - The content of the generated <a> element. If no content is provided, the value of property label is used instead.

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Callback implementation for Surface.Component.render/1.

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sigil_p(route, extra)

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