View Source Bonfire.UI.Common.LoggedHeaderLive (bonfire v0.3.5-classic-beta.10)



  • page_title :string, default: nil
  • page :string, default: nil
  • page_header_drawer :boolean, default: false
  • page_header_aside :any, default: nil
  • custom_page_header :any, default: nil
  • hide_smart_input :boolean, default: false
  • showing_within :any, default: nil
  • reply_to_id :string, default: nil
  • without_sidebar :boolean, default: false
  • context_id :string, default: nil, required: false
  • create_object_type :atom, default: nil
  • thread_mode :atom, default: nil
  • to_boundaries :list, default: []
  • to_circles :list, default: []
  • smart_input_as :atom, default: nil
  • smart_input_prompt :string, required: false
  • smart_input_text :string, required: false
  • sidebar_widgets :list, default: []
  • selected_tab :any, default: nil
  • nav_items :list, default: []

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Callback implementation for Surface.Component.render/1.

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