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  • id :string, required: true - The id of the live component (required by LiveView for stateful components).

  • reply_to_id :any, default: nil

  • context_id :string, default: nil, required: false

  • create_object_type :any, default: nil

  • smart_input_component :atom, default: nil

  • to_boundaries :list, default: []

  • to_circles :list, default: []

  • smart_input_opts :any, required: false

  • showing_within :any, default: nil

  • activity :any, default: nil

  • hide_smart_input :boolean, default: false

  • object :any, default: nil

  • activity_inception :any, default: nil

  • title_open :boolean, default: nil

  • title_prompt :string, default: nil

  • preloaded_recipients :list, default: nil

  • show_select_recipients :boolean, default: false

  • thread_mode :atom, default: nil

  • page :any, default: nil

  • without_sidebar :string, default: nil

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handle_event(action, attrs, socket)

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Callback implementation for Phoenix.LiveComponent.handle_event/3.

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handle_info(info, socket)

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handle_params(params, attrs, socket)

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See Bonfire.UI.Common.LiveHandlers.handle_params/3.

Callback implementation for Phoenix.LiveComponent.mount/1.

Callback implementation for Phoenix.LiveComponent.render/1.

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sigil_p(route, extra)

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Callback implementation for Phoenix.LiveComponent.update/2.