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  • current_account :any, from_context: :current_account
  • current_user :any, from_context: :current_user
  • socket :any
  • creator_id :string, default: nil
  • object :any
  • object_type :any
  • object_type_readable :any
  • action :string, default: "Bonfire.Social.Objects:delete"
  • explanation :string, default: nil
  • hide_icon :boolean, default: false
  • hide_text :boolean, default: false
  • open_btn_class :css_class, default: "flex items-center gap-2 text-sm text-neutral-content/80"
  • redirect_after :any, default: nil

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Callback implementation for Surface.Component.render/1.

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sigil_p(route, extra)

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