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@type attrs() :: %{required(binary()) => term()} | %{required(atom()) => term()}
@type t() :: %ValueFlows.Planning.Commitment{
  __meta__: term(),
  action: term(),
  action_id: term(),
  agreed_in: term(),
  at_location: term(),
  at_location_id: term(),
  context: term(),
  context_id: term(),
  creator: term(),
  creator_id: term(),
  deletable: term(),
  deleted_at: term(),
  disabled_at: term(),
  due: term(),
  effort_quantity: term(),
  effort_quantity_id: term(),
  finished: term(),
  has_beginning: term(),
  has_end: term(),
  has_point_in_time: term(),
  id: term(),
  input_of: term(),
  input_of_id: term(),
  is_disabled: term(),
  is_public: term(),
  note: term(),
  output_of: term(),
  output_of_id: term(),
  provider: term(),
  provider_id: term(),
  published_at: term(),
  receiver: term(),
  receiver_id: term(),
  resource_classified_as: term(),
  resource_conforms_to: term(),
  resource_conforms_to_id: term(),
  resource_inventoried_as: term(),
  resource_inventoried_as_id: term(),
  resource_quantity: term(),
  resource_quantity_id: term(),
  updated_at: term()


Callback implementation for Bonfire.Common.SchemaModule.context_module/0.

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create_changeset(creator, attrs)

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@spec create_changeset(
) :: Ecto.Changeset.t()
@spec create_changeset(t(), attrs()) :: Ecto.Changeset.t()

Callback implementation for Bonfire.Common.SchemaModule.query_module/0.

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update_changeset(comm, attrs)

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